This place serves the best vietnamese food in Falls Church that i know of. This place is ALWAYS crowded during lunch time, but the service is very prompt. Its a pretty large resturant, and their waiters are usually pretty quick in cleaning off a table and seating guests. They also are very quick in preparing dishes.
- Mike O. Arlington, VA

This is by far my all time favorite Vietnamese restaurant EVER! I've never had better Vietnamese food anywhere else in Falls Church. Been going here since the 90's and there were times when I ate here 3 times a day...and still can't get enough so every month I make the dreaded 2 hour drive from WA to fulfill my Pho cravings-well...I go there to visit family too, but that's not as important lol

Super clean, super yummy, still affordable. I have to admit their pre-renovation portions were much bigger and prices were much lower, but I actually don't mind paying a little more for the upgrade all the while preserving the great taste and service, therefore, they very well deserve 5 stars!!!
- Vicky H. Georgtown, WA 

I love this place. My friend took me here because its her favorite place, and I can see why. The service id great, and the food is the best.they've made a lifetime customer out of me.
- Asiriana M. Annandale, VA 

Hands down this has become my favorite Kobe House restaurant. My mouth is just watering thinking about it. Every time I come here the food is always excellent. Your order your bowl and it comes out as basic broth, protein, and scallions. On the side is a huge dish of bean sprouts, herbs, spices, jalapenos, lime, and sauces. You can make your food as savory or spicy as you want it.

My favorite dish is the rare steak (the broth is so hot the meat will continue to cook in it, so if you get the steak well done it will be sure well done by the time you're done eating it).

I have tried both their shrimp and tofu spring rolls, both very tasty. Once I couldn't decide which one I wanted and they were willing to do one of each on my plate, which was very nice.
- Elizabeth C. Lincolnnia, VA

About Kobe House

As a Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine, we offer the style of cooking derived from Vietnam and China with fish sauce, soy sauce, rice, fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables all commonly used. Our restaurant is based on years of experience with our own innovative creations and understanding of our customers. You will have an enjoyable, satisfying experience.

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